Would you ask for a doggy bag? Poll results

The moment all of you, well some of you, have been waiting for…..  The ‘Doggy bag’ poll results, has arrived.

First of all, I would like to thank all of you for voting, on my poll it was very insightful.

A few weeks ago I read an article by Susie Mesure  in The Independent website, about how much food do restaurants throw away, and although is nothing new, it got me thinking why is there so much waste.  Then after a little bit of research I found an article on The Evening Standard by Priscilla Pollara where they say that ‘Doggy Bags are so tomorrow’.

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Peter Lawrence interview on drought resistant plants, colour trends and talking trees

Yes drought has hit the UK, and there may be a hosepipe ban coming our way, but that does not mean that we cannot make use of our gardens, Peter Lawrence explains.

He is going to tell us which colours have been selling more at The Secret Garden Nursery, where he works, and he will show us which plants we can grow in these dry weather conditions.

Also stay tuned if you like to know more about talking trees.

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Stop buying more than you need!

Food waste may be something that you hear about constantly but Media outlets keep on talking  about it, because it KEEPS HAPPENING.  For that reason I am now ranting: Stop buying more than you need!

In 2008 Martin Hickman wrote an article for the Independent saying: “Britain throws away £10bn of food every year.”  

You would have thought that those reports would be enough to make a change? Well, it appears that not much has changed.  Rebecca Smithers, wrote for The Guardian that 7.2m tonnes of food that is thrown away annually could have been eaten. Where as Anna-Louise Taylor, wrote for the BBC that 4.4m tonnes of that comes from British Households.

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Attilio Restaurant in Farringdon, London, Review

Alight in Farringdon, London station and you will find yourself surrounded by restaurants.  

But carry on walking up Cowcross Street almost by the corner of St John Street, and you could be in for a treat at Attilio Ristorante.

It is midday and my Italian friend joins me for lunch, she is here to share her insightful opinion.

As we go through the glass doors we are charmed by a traditional looking trattoria and an Italian, with Roman roots, who lead us to our table.

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Wales comes to London to celebrate St David’s Day

Welsh marketeers came to the Southbank centre’s Real Food Market bringing Wales True Taste with them today.

Fabio Diu, Festivals & Market Manager, said: “We see around 10,000 people coming to the Real Food Market every weekend.”   The stalls were certainly crowded with people,  among them many Welsh, who came to sample “the best of Welsh produce,” with great cheeses, unusual venison and hazelnut terrines, and other typical foods.

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What do you do, when you don’t finish your meal at a restaurant?

Please take a minute to vote on my poll. I will be analysing the answers soon  cheers