St David’s Day, Daffodils and Rose-ringed Parakeets

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The beginning of March marks the celebration of St David, the patron Saint of Wales, a day where many will eat leeks and wear daffodils.

For this warm and sunny day, the BBC has prepared special St David’s Day recipes and Google has created a special doodle to commemorate the date.

But for me the 1st of March is also a reminder that the spring equinox is just around the corner and that the gardens will become alive once more.

Daffodils are standing up right, the tulips are pushing through the crumbly soil and the pink hyacinths are already in bloom.

Today three green Rose-ringed Parakeets came from nowhere and landed on the mini-apples tree that sits in front of the bedroom window.

I tried to take photos of them but the camera found it difficult to focus through the glass, so they are a bit blurry but they were beautiful.

First of March is an exciting day for anyone who loves nature and appreciate sun-kissed days.   The temperatures reached 13˚ C degrees during the afternoon, let’s hope that we get more days like this one.







Pink hyacinth

Rose-ringed Parakeets


2 thoughts on “St David’s Day, Daffodils and Rose-ringed Parakeets

    • Thank you! I am glad that you like my post. The Parakeets are originally from India but for some unknown reason* they have been living in London for a few years now. This was the first time that I actually saw them.

      * Some say that they escaped from Shepperton Studios in Surrey, during filming of the 1951 movie The African Queen and others say that the birds originally escaped from a container at Heathrow airport, but none of the theories have been proved.

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