Peter Lawrence interview on drought resistant plants, colour trends and talking trees

Yes drought has hit the UK, and there may be a hosepipe ban coming our way, but that does not mean that we cannot make use of our gardens, Peter Lawrence explains.

He is going to tell us which colours have been selling more at The Secret Garden Nursery, where he works, and he will show us which plants we can grow in these dry weather conditions.

Also stay tuned if you like to know more about talking trees.

For this interview I recorded a video, well I thought I did, but something happened with the camera that most of the footage was damaged. So I had to replace it with some photographs, for now.   I will have to film around the Secret Garden again but Peter won’t be free this week so for now I will leave you with this video.

You may wonder why I don’t wait until next week to publish the video, well because the project is for a University assignment so it cannot wait.

Another thing is that for the same technical problems, the beginning of the video, the sound recording sounds awful, so if you prefer, feel free to skip the first minute. After that the sound will be ok.

Sorry for these technical problems, hopefully you will enjoy the pictures.

I would like to thank the following sites for sharing their photographs.

For the ‘Convolvulus’ photographs I used the images taken by:

Trish SteelEvelyn SimakThe Old Walled Garden, NurseryMarguerite

And all the photographs of the  ‘Erysimum Bowles Mauve’ were taken by:






2 thoughts on “Peter Lawrence interview on drought resistant plants, colour trends and talking trees

  1. Maria, apart from the sound it looks good. Maybe you ought to do something on growing herbs and fruit in small urban gardens or on patios and balconies.

    • Hi Peter is it you? How are you?

      Thank you very much for your coments, and for letting me interview you; it is great to know that you like it.

      I did thought about writing a post on the herbs, I just haven’t had the chance (been quite busy lately) but I also like to go back to the secret garden and film it properly instead of using photographs, we will see. It is definately on the ‘to do list’.

      I hope to see you soon, take care X

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